Provost, Animal College, Moor, Strongly Advised Matriculating Students about …

Matriculation is one of the most important events in the calendar of the College. It is a part of the academic culture of most tertiary training institutions and it dated back to centuries. In essence, matriculation is the formal documentation ceremony for enrollment of students or learners into membership of an academic community.

A register is always signed and this carries a matriculation number. This was said by Dr. (Mrs.) A. O. Adejinmi, Provost Federal College of Animal Health and Production Technology, Moor Plantation, Ibadan at a colourful Matriculation Ceremony of the College for 2017/18 Session held on Thursday, 26th April, 2018 at the college Auditorium.

Over 1,000 students from different Departments at both ND and HND level of study matriculated during the occasion. These include Departments such as Agricultural Extension, Computer Science, Fishery, Statistics, Science Laboratory, Animal Health and Production Technology.

The Provost further stressed that the simple act of matriculation entitles every incoming student to register for courses and examinations of the College. Matriculation confers on the students certain rights and privileges under the laws establishing the college, she said. Among such right are: the right to learn and have access to knowledge and information, the right to reside on the college campus wherever and whenever feasible, the right to seek redress through appropriate channel if your rights are infringed upon by others and right to general protection under the law as a member of a corporate.

However, she pointed out that on the other hand, matriculation imposes certain obligations on students. The college expects an exemplary behavior in the students’ relationship with college, in enhancing the college corporate image as well as in promoting its smooth administration, she said. The college will demand that the students’ comportment reflect the dignity and status of a disciplined society.

Dr. (Mrs.) Adejinmi advised the students to keep their JAMB Registration Number because of the issue of carrying capacity and admission quota, the NBTE works in collaboration with JAMB and NTSC. It is now compulsory for all universities and Mono/Polytechnics to have JAMB Registration number before any student could be qualified for mobilization by the NYSC, she revealed.

In addition, any Higher National Diploma candidate who came in through part-time or NCE without JAMB Registration number should register appropriately online on JAMB Website to generate his/her Registration Number, she further advised.
The Provost warned the fresher’s to avoid violence as a means of seeking redress because recourse to violence is generally a reflection of a degenerated and undisciplined society. Dr. Adejinmi continued that in the tradition of the academic societies, all issues and conflicts should be generally resolved through the peaceful process of dialogue and discussions. Therefore, whenever there are issues or grievances, such should be brought to the notice of the authorities through the established channels of communication.

Dr. Adejinmi admonished the fresh students to refrain from secret cult and religious intolerance. Students must strive to keep up this noble tradition and avoid any resource to underground societies. The college has enjoyed considerable religious peace and democratic practices among student body for several decades.

Above: A cross section of members of the Management Staff of Federal College of Animal Health and Production Technology, Moor Plantation, Apata, Ibadan. Nigeria. Photo by Ademola Oladele.

In addition, she told the students to always put on decent and moderate dressing because the College authority attaches great importance to student’s physical appearance. She warned that wearing of suggestive short miniskirts or top body hugs that exposes muscles, unkempt hair and wearing of bathroom slippers to college activities would not be tolerated. She told the students to tighten their belts and face their studies squarely because if at the end First Semester a student’s GPA is less than 2.00, such a student will be placed on Probation for the period of the Second Semester, if he/she however, fails to obtain a cumulative Grade Point Average of at least 2.00 at the of the second semester, he or she will be advised to withdraw from the college.

She concluded that full-time students should note that all the current programs of the college are run on full-time. Running their courses along with another degree programs in University thereby maintaining dual studentship or running their courses alongside their full time are not allowed.

Above: Some of the matriculating students. Photo by Ademola Oladele.

Also, she observed that some students have formed the habit of bringing fake doctor’s report as a reason for deferment or absence from semester examination wherever there is clash of interest but cautioned such act contravenes the school rules and regulations and that any culprit would be brought to book and every student should note that before he/ she can write examination in any course, such student must have fulfilled the 80% minimum class / practical attendance.

Many staff, students, parents and members of the public graced the event. These include Revd. Tope David – College Registrar, Mr. Nathaniel Jolaiya – Deputy Registrar, Dr. Funmilayo Ogunleke – Deputy Provost (Admin); Dr. O. J. Osoyowa – Deputy Provost (Academic), Mr. A. Osadiya – College Bursar; Mrs. J.I .Arilesere – College Librarian; Mr. A. O. Olayinka – Internal Auditor and Dr. O.V. Olajide – Director of Medical Services. All Heads of Departments in the College were present during this ceremony.

By Ademola Oladele

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