See what happens when an Imam takes a new Wife.

By ‘Lanre Abiodun.

An Imam is a male Muslim scholar, a model religious Leader, a Priest, a Counselor and a Family head, all roles in one person. Therefore, an Imam is public figure whose action is of public concern.  Like all human institutions, Imams is therefore a role function, an institution and a status. He could be described by ranks, coverage or ideology.

For example, to describe an Imam by rank is to say; the Chief Imam, Imam Ratibi or Imam Noibi. To describe an Imam by his coverage of authority is to say the Chief Imam of a town, Chief Imam of an area of a Town, Imam of a Mosque, Imam of a Community or Head Imam of League of Imams of a State. And to describe an Imam by ideology is to describe him for example as Imam Ansar ud Deen Society, Imam of Nasfat, Imam of Ahmadiyya or Imam of Zumratul Hujaj to mention a few.

That being clear, the issue of taking a wife anew or in addition to existing wives is permissible in Islamic Law but under certain stringent conditions such as availability of economic resources by the groom, strength by the groom to provide biological succor and his capacity to ensure equity, fairness and self-restraint in the conduct of his relationships between him and each of the wives and the conduct of relationship among the wives.

And so, having being satisfied that he is capable to fulfill at all times the aforementioned stringent conditions; and having gained the love and consent of his wives at home,

Middle Above: Bride’s Father – Sheikh Muhamoh Alasoro, and his wives including  the Bride’s Mother.  
Photo credit: Prince Osatuyi a.k.a. Endurance.

the consent of the new wife and the bride’s parents, the Imam of Olorunsogo Central Mosque, Oloko at Apata flank of Ibadan, Oyo State of Nigeria, Sheikh Tirimidih Murthadah took a new wife at a sober ceremony held at the open Field of Bembo Games Vilage, Apata, Ibadan recently on Saturday 5th September 2020 at about 2.20pm..

From left above: The Bride – Miss Amina Alasoro, an officiating Alfa,and extreem right; the Groom – Imam Tirimidih Murtadha.
Photo credit: Prince Osatuyi a.k.a. Endurance.

With solemn music of ‘Bandiri’ drums and the ecstasy of a having a new bride, the groom; Imam Tirimidih Murtadha, a young man in his forties was accompanied in dancing steps by young friends and Alfas to the officiating table for conjugal blessings of the seated officiating Imams and the brides parents.

Leading the train of her group to the officiating table at the succeeding phase of the program was the bride; Miss Aminat Muhhamoh the daughter of a prominent Alfa and Muslim Scholar; Sheikh Muhhamoh Alasoro. She was accompanied to the Nikkah officiating table by about 23 female friends with pomp and pageantry dancing in symmetrical steps to the rhythm of popular Fuji songs anchored by Lagos based Dj; Watson of The Mix Kit group. There was exchange of marriage rings at the officiating table. 

And at the reception ceremony, expectations were high that with the modern setting at the ceremony would prompt the social rules of engagement in Muslim ceremony to be broken, but lo! and behold, it was not broken. With the music of Sarumi, Salawa Abeni (congratulations), Fuji Garbage, Fuji Megaster and so on that later dominated the ceremony, the event was thrown into frenzy of full blown social ceremony from its initial religious tag and rituals. Despite this change over of the event to full social activities, it was instructive that no alcohol was used during the Nikkah blessings, the reception and entertainment ceremony.

Side observations also revealed the varied fascinating and competing attires and turbans by religious leader; captivating head caps worn by young men were deliberately sloped on their heads to attract attention of persons best known to them. Other side activities were the show-offs by ladies publicly rehearsing the wearing of their head gears and many women on conspicuous parade of their dresses.

Above L – R;  Mrs. Kolade (sitting) and Mrs. Mojisola (Standing), at the ceremony.
Photo credit: Prince Osatuyi a.k.a. Endurance.

During the reception, there was cutting of cake an event chaired by Alfa Agoro.  Observations further revealed that the event earlier thought to be endangered by potential for un-Islamic actions ended up in piety with successful control of Islamic dos and don’ts. It was Congratulations galore to the couple, the groom’s senior wives, the bride’s parents and the officials at the ceremony.

Witnesses to Nikkai are important to the validity of an Islamic marriage. Important Muslim personalities spotted at the Nikah ceremony were the Chief Imam of Apata, Ibadan – Alhaji Hisa Mustapha, the Chief Imam of Ifelodun Muslim Community, Olupoyi area of Apata – Alhaji Isiaq Agaloke and Imaam of Araromi Muslim community – Alh kaami Bello, the Chief Imaam, New Garage ib.- Alhaji Alawiye, the Chief Imaam of Airport area, Alakia – Alhaji khaleepha Hassan and the Khaleepha Anishile – Ustadh Muhammad Akindele. Others were the Baale of Elere Foko – Chief Zakariyya Azeez, Alhaja Tijaani (umu Aisha) and the Aare Mususulumi of Oloko Araromi and Environs – Chief Lateef Ade Lawal. Also, credible organizations and groups attended the wedding ceremony. These included the League of Imaams and Alfas of Upper Bembo, the Jammah Daaru Salaam Oyo State Chapter, the Daarusalaam of Aare Aare Alasa, the League of Alfas and Jammah of Olorunsogo Central Mosque Oloko, Apata, and the Alasalaatu Olohun to Baduro of Oloko Central mosque. The Iya suna ifelodun Muslim community and Muhammad Lawal were also present.

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