24-Year old Fake Policeman Sent to Jail

A 24-year old man, Mr. Michael Kolawole was docked by the Magistrate Court 1 at Iwo road area Ibadan Oyo State Nigeria over stealing one Honor Phone valued N6,000 (US$16.66) and the cash sum of N10,000 (US$27.77) all totaled N16,000 (US$44.44). This is contrary to and punishable under section 390 (9) of the criminal code cap 38 volume II laws of Oyo State of Nigeria 2000 if found guilty.

The facts of the matter was presented and pieced together with exhibit by Prosecuting police officer ASP Sunday Ogunremi. Prosecutor Ogunremi told the court that the case was reported to the Agodi police station by Oyewole Ayomide and Iyanu Akindele on the 25th of July 2018.

The police told the court that Messrs. Oyewole Ayomide and his boss Iyanu Akindele had reported to the Police that they went to Iwo road to buy phone on the 25th of July 2018 at about 6:30pm. The Prosecutor added that after Oyewole Ayomide and Iyanu Akindele had bought the phone but on their way home, Ayomide and his boss discovered that one man later known as Mr. Michael Kolawole was following them. As they stopped a commercial Motorcycle (Okada) to transport them and were about to jump on the motorbike, Michael suddenly emerged, claimed himself to be a police officer and told the motorcyclist not to carry them.

Ayomide had further reported to the Police that as Michael was about to move closer to them, they picked race because they didn’t know him. Michael pursued them and Iyanu fell down. Ayomide ran to Ikorodu garage and explained everything to the Garage officials and before he got to his boss it was discovered that Michael has collected the phone and N10,000 (US$ 27.77) cash from his boss. Michael was reported to the Police and arrested.

Another witness that testified in court against Michael Kolawole was a motorcyclist named Safiriyu Kehinde. He said on the 25th of July, 2018 at about 6:30pm he was riding his bike from Iwo road to Mokola area of Ibadan Oyo State and was stopped by two boys at Mr. Biggs, Iwo road area. Safiriyu said, suddenly another boy later known as Michael showed up from the blues and told him not to carry them as passengers. Safiriyu asked him what happened and Michael claimed that he is a police officer, but Safiriyu doubted Michael’s claim. He said, as he tried to turn at Baba only Bus-stop, he noticed that those boy were running and Michael was pursuing them till they got to Lagos Garage area Ibadan. In the process of pursuing them, one of the two boy’s phone fell down and Michael picked it from ground, Safiriyu narrated.

Michael Kolawole pleaded guilty of the one- count charge and prayed for mercy before the Chief Magistrate. But, the prosecutor ASP Ogunremi objected to Michael’s pleading. ASP. Ogunremi told court that Court records at the Chief Magistrate showed that Michael Kolawole has been given community service sometimes in January in order to reform him but it seems that Michael is not ready to change.

The prosecutor therefore urged the Magistrate to help the police to clean up the society by giving Michael such judgment that could deter him from future crime.

Michael Kolawole was convicted by the Chief Magistrate Taiwo Olaniran and sentenced with outmost leniency. Instead of sending him to 3 years imprisonment with hard labour which the law says, Michael was given 3 months imprisonment with hard labour with an alternative payment of N6,000 (US$ 16.66) fine.

By Ademola Oladele

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