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Nigeria is changing gear through rough and challenging clouds of problems to possible destination of opportunities and greatness if carefully piloted. The gear is in the level that only those in the cockpit could know, read and maneuver to weather through her storms.

The ecstasy or anxiety by which pilots and crew members on a gliding airborne plane passing through the air waves, rough or smooth, may not be felt by innocent air travelers but could be decoded by experienced travelers.Image result for nigeria map

Above: Map of Nigeria, (Courtesy: Nigerian Finder)

Here we are in Nigeria, passing through the rough clouds of armed robbery, human kidnapping for ransom and rituals, unemployment, cattle rustling, ethnic profiling, corruption, deadly election polls, criminal official compromise, ecological degradation and others.

The rough clouds seem to be overwhelming and all on board are prescribing various routes out from the rough and problematic clouds.

Some passengers on board are prescribing death penalty legislation against emotional protest or hate speech, i.e. by throwing away erring emotional travelers from aboard flight, not aboard a sailing ship. Some prescribe prayers, a vocal number ask for rearrangement of passengers’ positions, seats and roles aboard. A few others adopted the attitude of ‘siddon’ look and voluntarily glued to their silence, unconcerned about the plight of their flight.

It was in the past that Nigeria was on unfruitful sail when elder statesman Obafemi Awolowo correctly predicted her ship heading for a rock and was shouted down but this time Nigeria is at higher level, aboard a flight that uses a system of constituted deceit by all levels of passengers aboard.

Despite the gliding of the plane amidst the rough air waves, the system of assumption of authority is flawed and shaking various corners of the plane during the chancy flight. Situations of “by ‘fire by force” elections, including deadly violent elections alleged of Kogi and Bayelsa, are illustrative of gliding flight which destination is predictably disaster loaded.

A few following tweets/news reveal some diverse problems of our times;

Chiddy Bankz tweeted @chiblinq007. “We have been seeing tweets that Dino Melaye has won and others are saying Smart Adeyemi has won.Are we all normal in this country like this??” – i.e. A tweet on fake news at 3:06 PM • Nov 17, 2019 from Lagos, Nigeria.

@officialEFCC tweeted “Jailed Fraudster still coordinates operations from Prison.” EFCC explained further that investigation revealed that the youth masterminded internet scam worth over $100 million whilst serving his 24 years jail terms and he still in active communication with other high valued targets…

@MobilePunch tweeted; “Security agencies aided rigging in Kogi, Bayelsa polls – CSOs” November 19, 2019. CSOs means Civil Society groups.

Muhammadu Buhari \ @Muhammadu Buhari Nov 16, 2019 tweeted; “A desert is advancing on Nigeria and its neighbors. Each year, the Sahel cuts deeper into the land, overtaking farmlands, rupturing biodiversity and breeding insecurity. It is time to fight back – with trees.”

@vanguardngnews tweet; “My Husband doesn’t give me sexual satisfaction because he uses condom, woman tells court..”

The Punch Newspapers @MobilePunch tweeted “LAUTECH crisis unfortunate but surmountable – Minister” of Youths and Sports Development, Mr. Sunday Dare…

@MobilePunch tweeted; “Subsidy on petrol now N18.68/liter – PPPRA.

@MobilePunch tweeted news; “Camel-riding gunmen kill six in Adamawa.”

In the search for the most pressing problem that Nigerians have, please let’s know your opinion by answering the questions via a click on the link below.

By Ess Kay

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