How Trailer Driver and Motor Boy sold Company’s Products.

By: Ademola Oladele

The driver of an articulated motor vehicle often called “trailer” vehicle; Mr. Monday Michael and his motor boy; Mr. Johnson Emmanuel have been arraigned before Chief Magistrate Court 1. Holding at Iwo road, Ibadan, Nigeria over allegation of conspiracy to commit felony and stealing.

They were alleged and charged that on 19th December, 2018 at about 10:00am at Nigeria Brewery Plc area, Alakia Ibadan in Ibadan Magisterial district did conspire together to commit felony, to wit; steal and did steal 210 crates of various kinds of drinks and 30 crates of Beer; all with a total value of N311,191.20 property of their employer.

The Investigating Police Officer alleged in Court that Mr. Monday Michael, the truck driver, phoned his supervisor to tell him that on his way to Ilorin, the vehicle developed some faults and he became exhausted. His supervisor; Mr. Musa sent a mechanic to Michael to rectify the faults. Later Michael claimed that the vehicle has run out of fuel and he had to sell 30 crates of the company’s beer to get money to buy fuel for the vehicle.

The court was told that when Mr. Michael got back to the company’s premises, he left the vehicle and allegedly ran away. Musa told police that he called Michael on phone who responded that he was coming to the brewery the next morning.   The supervisor added that when they got to the parked vehicle to check its content, it was discovered that 30 crates of Beer at the rate of N101,191.20k and 210 crates of others at the rate of N210, 000, all valued in the total sum of N311, 191.20 were missing. Musa concluded that when Michael refused to come to explain the content of the vehicle the case was reported to the police who came to the scene to investigate.

Mr. Monday Michael the truck driver who came from Anappa Local Government in Kogi state had his elementary school at Asejira Area of Ibadan and his secondary school education at Ikoyi area of Osun State but could not finish his secondary school education because he dropped out at Senior Secondary School 1 grade in 2017. He went to learn how to drive trailer in the same year from different places. Michael pleaded not guilty to the charges against him.

He also told the Court that on the 9th of December, 2018, he was accompanied by his motor boy Emmanuel Johnson and loaded certain drinks and these products were accompanied with way- bill which was duly signed by the security officer and off they left for Ilorin. Michael narrated that when they got to a particular village in Ilorin, the vehicle developed fuel filter fault and he called his Manager (Mr. Musa) who sent a mechanic to Ilorin in the following day to rectify the fault. He also explained that immediately the vehicle got fixed, they proceeded on their trips but later they had shortage of fuel at Ilorin toll gate.  Mr. Michael said that he called Mr. Musa; his Supervisor on phone to inform him but Musa responded that there was strike going on in the company. Michael further narrated that he had to sell 30 crates of beer to get money to buy fuel so that the vehicle can move from the toll gate.

He further stated that later his manager called him on phone about the missing products after he has parked the vehicle and he told him that he has gone home but promised to see him the next day to explain how things went.

He lamented that the mistake he made was his failure to inform his supervisor about the sale of some crates of drinks that night and that was why the allegation of theft was made against him, Michael concluded.

On his part, the motor boy, Mr. Emmanuel Johnson who lives at Iyana Water, Asejire area, Ibadan said that he had his Primary School education at Asejire, Ikoyi Osun State and his Junior Secondary School at Ikire when he dropped out of the educational system and started learning “Trailer” driving. He narrated that on December 10, 2018, Mr. Monday Michael called him on phone to accompany him to Ilorin Kwara State. He said that on their way going, the fuel filter of the vehicle cut and all the fuel wasted. Emmanuel further that Michael sold 20 crates of drinks at the rate of N2, 500, this added up to N50, 000 and he was given N1, 500 as he claimed.

Emmanuel said that later, his boss; Mr. Michael came to the company in Ibadan and told them that Mr. Emmanuel sold 20 crates of drinks the total sum of N50, 000, a report that was a lie. The person who bought the drinks was from Mr. Michael was Mr. Masamo. Emmanuel further stated that on 21 of December, he was called by Michael and police men were wrongfully told that it was he Mr. Emmanuel who illegally sold drinks worth N50, 000.00.

Earlier Musa had told the police that Michael is one of his new applicants since the 1st of December, 2018. But on the 9th of December, Michael loaded 1680 crated

The defendants pleaded not guilty as charged and their Counsel prayed the Magistrate to grant the defendants bail which the Prosecutor agreed.  The Chief magistrate granted all the defendants the bail of N50, 000 with 1 surety each who must be thoroughly verified by the Police.  More so, the surety must show evidence of paying tax and the case was adjourned to 9th day of March, 2019.

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