Wife organized Concubine’s Attack on Husband.
By: Ademola Oladele.
A Customary court seated at Mapo, Ibadan has put an end to a 19-year marriage between Mr. and Mrs. Taiwo Hassan. The dissolution came after Mr. Hassan had taken his wife to Court where he made series of allegations against his wife. These allegations included lack of trust and lack of peace, adultery, stubbornness, hanging around with other men and for being an upsetting woman.
Mr. Taiwo Hassan from Bola Ige area, Liberty Road, Ibadan sells Motor Spare Parts at Ogunpa Market gave reasons why he finally decided to put an end to the marriage. He reported that ever since their marriage he has not for a day experienced peace. He narrated that they fought all the time, day to day. In addition, he alleged his wife to be a prostitute and the situation was so undesirable to the point that he had been beaten not once, not twice, not trice by his wife’s concubine.
Another reason which makes Mr. Hassan felt it was high time for the marriage to be dissolved was that his friends has helped him to trace his wife and had caught her in Hotel with another man. Mr. Hassan said she takes pleasure in drinking and eating Catfish. He claimed that he has evidence on his phone to establish his contention if necessary. He recalled that in many instances he has reported his wife to her mother at Itamaya area, Ibadan but it was futile. Instead, her mother advised him to be praying for her because she doesn’t know where Mrs. Yetunde Hassan has come across being possessed by adulterous spirit.
He said that there was a man at Itamaya whom her wife claimed to be her uncle but was afterwards discovered from her sister that the man is not my wife’s uncle as she argued. The most painful event to him was when he performed her father’s interment, the man his wife labeled as his uncle frequented them and was with them wearing the same family attire. He said he was so fooled to consider the man as one of their family members unknowing to him that he was his wife’s concubine.
Mr. Hassan further told the Court that he reported the matter to their church Pastor and spiritual leaders with the hope that if the church of God mediate, there will be positive changes but all efforts made by church of God was unsuccessful. Later the church referred him back to her mother. He stated that he went back to her mother and called upon other elderly people to witness the meeting but to Hassan’s surprise, her mother bluntly advised him as son to find another wife that will give him the peace of mind because she believes his wife who is uncontrollable although may later get back to her senses. He further told the Court that his wife too was there on that day. He concluded that he thought the best thing to do is to put an end to this marriage between him and his wife so that he can live his life peacefully.
When it was time for Mrs. Yetunde Hassan, a Nurse to respond she asserted that she has nothing to say. She said she agreed with her husband that the court should dissolve their marriage and assured that she will not cause any commotion after the process.
The Court Registrar asked both parties how they want to take care of the three sons of their marriage. Mr. Hassan replied that the first two sons will be with him but the last son will be with their mother till he is old enough to decide on his own. At this point Mrs. Hassan countered her husband’s request when the court President is about to pass judgment. There and then, the Court Registrar asked her what she wants. She replied that she want to take custody of all the children.
The court President was furious at her and harshly told her that when she was given opportunity to give respond to the allegations, she refused, now she is trying to decide for the Court, a situation which will not be allowed. The Court President added that unless she is under oath either by the Bible or Quran anything she said would be worthless before the court.
Mrs. Taiwo grudgingly swore and gave reasons why she doesn’t want Mr. Hassan to take custody of the children. She averred that her husband cannot take care of these children because he has not been providing for the children needs. The Court Registrar asked her who has been paying for the children school fees? Mrs. Hassan answered that both parties used to pay. She added that she pays the school fees of the youngest son.
Mr. Hassan sought the pleasure of the court to enter additional information and the Court President asked him to go ahead. He said that he intentionally stopped paying the youngest son’s school fees because he ordered his wife not to change the boy’s school and she did without his consent. And he accepted on the belief that she is buoyant enough to face the outcome of her decision independently, if not she will listen and agree with him. He further informed the court that it was true that her wife paid N9,000 out of N36,000 West African Examination Council fee for their eldest son but the remaining N25,000 was paid by him. He affirmed that he has been paying his sons school fees from the onset and that her claim that he has not been performing his responsibilities as a father was untrue, he concluded.
The Court President Alhaji Sulaiman Apanpa further asked Mrs. Hassan about the truth of the allegation by her husband charging her of adultery. She replied that the reason why she has decided not to respond to the allegation was that she was used to her husband’s allegation because everybody in the neighborhood, church and her working place knows her husband Mr. Taiwo Hassan as a jealous man. She said her husband has painted her a prostitute at home, in their street, at church and her working place. To the extent that any male he sees with her either old or young either in the house or on the street, at church or at working place, he believes they are all having sexual intercourse with her. She told court that there was a day one of the co-tenant had a little misunderstanding with her and the co-tenant abused her as a prostitute because her husband has tagged her a prostitute everywhere. She said her husband had once fought with a church member on false allegation and she concluded that this is the right time to be free from all the false allegations.
The Court President Alhaji Apanpa ruled that the marriage between Mr. & Mrs. Hassan has been dissolved and ordered that they are no more husband and wife. Furthermore, they should allow peace to reign. He also pronounced that the first two sons should be with Mr. Hassan while last son should be with Mrs. Yetunde Hassan. In conclusion, the court President ordered Mr. Hassan to be paying N5,000 on monthly basis as the last son’s feeding allowance and that Mr. Hassan should be paying his children’s school fees and medical bills anytime these are needed.

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