Woman Tested ‘Magun’ on Her Husband – Court Heard.
By: Ademola Oladele.
A food seller, Mrs. Idowu Mukaila has approached Mapo Customary Court, Mapo Area, Ibadan and pleaded the Honourable Court to dissolve her 25 years marriage she had with her husband Mr. Folorunsho Mukaila. The marriage is blessed with with five children. Both parties were present in court.
Mrs. Mukaila approached the court on three grounds on which she sought for the dissolution of the 25-year marriage. These ground could be summarized as the misconducts of her husband which incorporated bestiality and his disregard of her parents and family members; the need to live in peace and safety away from her husband and the need to take custody of her children from an irresponsible husband.
She alleged that her husband is not a responsible man; he is a drunkard and a trouble maker. The core reason she decided to dissociate from him was that he habitually her and her children. She added that the scar on her face was the outcome of his punch. The day she had the scar was the day he broke one of her children’s hand in the course of beating. She lamented that she cannot withstand the beating any longer. The last beating she had from her husband occurred in October 2018 when he came back from his work shop, she alleged. On the said day in October, he was filled with excess alcohol and he woke her up and asked her to get him food but she told him that food was not available at that moment and he started beating her until a neighbor came to her rescue.
He went ahead to pick a knife that night and told her he would kill her that very night. In the process, he intended to stab her but the neighbour intervened and he mistakenly stabbed the neighbour’s hand, she further narrated. She managed to run for her life that night and since that day she decided not to return to his house because she did not want to die young and her husband later took the neighbour to hospital for treatment and they settle the issue between them, she added. Beside he had no regard for any of her family members including her mother and younger sister. On a day he wrestled with my younger sister and he was detained by the police because he ruthlessly pounded her.
Mrs. Mukaila therefore pleaded to the Court to dissolve the marriage and allow her to cater for her children because her husband is not a man who could be trusted enough to take care of the children. For instance, she said she recently paid Thirty Thousand Naira (N30,000.00) i.e. US$82.20 for West African Examination Council Fee for Idowu, one of her children and that was how she used to pay for others she corroborated.
The five children are ages between 12 and 22 years .
In his clarification, Mr. Folorusho Mukaila who is a Vulcanizer at Foko area, Ibadan and under court oath agreed that the Court should dissolve the 25 years marriage between him and his wife. He further agreed that he will never disturb her wherever she is staying but he wants his children to be with him. He alleged that his wife is not a stable woman. Sometimes she will be tagged along with another man. On many occasion, she left house without informing him. She is fund of borrowing money from a Micro Finance Bank then she will be dodging when repayment is due. He further stated that while she dodged from home away from her creditor she will abandon all the children. He said he was used to staying at home with his children that is why he can’t allow his children to stay with her.
Mr. Mukaila stated his wife had disloyal feelings towards him. He explained that she attempted to cut off his life once by compelling him to have sex with her because she suspected that he had placed Magun on her for which he did not. He further narrated that on that day when he came back from work shop, she came to him and forced him to have sex with her which he did. Eight days later she confessed to him that she was told that he has placed ‘Magun’ on her and that was why she forcefully had sex with me so that he can reap what (the death) he sowed through ‘Magun’.
He told the court that since that day, he made up his mind not to go on with the marriage. On the allegation that he beat her sister; he narrated that it was her younger sister and her mother that came to his work shop to cause commotion. Even that day her younger sister locked him and tore his cloth. During the cause of the scuffle he lost his golden chain, he lamented.
He further told the court that his wife is a habitual liar and that the day she left house for three days, she came back to lie that her sister fainted and she needs attention but later that same day; a woman came to his house to quarrel with his wife to warn her to leave her husband alone as she claimed that his wife ws having secret romantic affair with her husband. He urged the Court to dissolve the 25 years marriage in order for peace to reign but he pleaded that for the custody of all the children of the marriage.
The Customary Court President, Alhaji Sulaiman Apanpa said that the court has given both parties opportunities to reconcile amicably because the case was primarily presented before the court on the 18th of December, 2018 when court told both parties to make efforts to resolve the issue but as presently observed, the 25 years marriage between Mr. & Mrs. Mukaila with 5 children cannot progress.
The Court President ordered that the marriage be dissolved. In addition, he ordered that both parties should allow peace to reign and if any of the party comes to court in order to report the other party, the court will take required action to punish the defaulting party.
The Court rejected Mr. Folorunsho Mukaila’s plea for custody of the children but ordered that all children should be in custody of Mrs. Idowu Mukaila’ because the Court President and the court Registrar perceived that Mr. Mukaila Folorunsho was consumed and filled with excess alcohol even during his Court appearance which suggested that he may not take the proper care of the children of the marriage.
The Court President advised Mr. Mukaila to allow his wife to take care the children because his wife is a food seller and because of this, feeding of the children will not be a challenge and if feeding is out of living difficulty other problems will be minimized. The Court ordered Mr. Folorunsho Mukaila to be paying Ten Thousand Naira (N10,000.00) i.e. US$27.40 monthly feeding allowance for the children. In addition, he should take care of the school fees and health bills anytime the need arises. The Court told Mr. Mukaila that if he insisted that he wants custody of his children by all means, he is allowed to apply to the Customary Court of Appeal.

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