Findings on Peoples’ Outlook on Sexual Perversion Scary.

With the increasing civil and criminal court cases of sexual misconducts such as adultery, rape and our crude observations of easy access of people to the use of drugs as self-medications on sexual related illnesses, we went to town to feel the peoples’ outlook, stand, opinion and observations on the level, popularity or pervasion of sexual related activities in our society.

At the town, we administered six-point structured questionnaire to survey, extract and confirm peoples’ express stand on the matters raised. The explorations of the peoples’ attitude were carried in major areas of Ibadan including Apata, Odo-ona, Mokola, Iwo Road, Ring Road and Challenge. One hundred and six questionnaires were completely filled and four others were rejected due to incomplete or wrong filing. The respondents cut across gender with 54% females and 46% males.

Our findings reveal that 11.3% of respondents felt that unmarried adult males should not date any female until they marry, 83.3% of these respondents who felt so were females. The same result turned out to state that unmarried females should not date any male until they are married.

But, at variance with the preceding responses, 62.2% of respondents felt that unmarried adult male should date a female, 20% felt that unmarried adult male should date two females and 5.6% suggested the dating by unmarried male to three and more females. No reasons were asked, but reasons may be suggested by wise minds.

In the case of female dating male, 72.5% respondents favor unmarried adult female dating one male only, while 15.7 respondents said unmarried adult female should date between three and five males.

Concerning married persons, 88.5% affirmed that married males and females should not date any person outside their marriages but 11.5% said married male or female could date one person of opposite gender outside their marriage. The percentage i.e. 11.5% by those who advocate for dating outside marriage for married male and married female is here weighty.

70.4% of respondents agreed that men are more seductive these days than in the past while 29.6% disagree. Also,84.3% agree that females are more seductive these days than in the past but 16.7% of the respondents disagree.

By relating the noteworthy responses by 11.5% advocates of dating outside marriage with 70.4% and 84.3% of respondents who respectively agreed that men and ladies are more seductive, enticing, corrupting, attractive, dressy, smart, showy, stylish, tempting or confident towards unlawful sexual relationship these days than in the past; speak volumes of high level of sexual perversion in our society.

And these call for urgent and collective efforts to redress the scary situation otherwise incidences of civil and criminal cases on adultery and rape, while incidences of abandoned infants, self-medication and drug resistance to venereal disease may upsurge at disorganizing our society.

Suggestions at remedying these disheartening outcomes are welcome.


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