How Local Youths Build …. for their Sports; Apata Model.

In a country where legislations are sometimes incomplete to enable attainment of desired goals. For example, the Not too Young to Contest legislation on liberalizing age for political participation of youths to contest certain elective position but which did not provide law on affordable fee for these youths to enroll for contest in the political parties nor provide opportunities for independent candidacy as alternatives for indigent youths to register modestly with the Political Registration body  the Independent National Electoral Commission – INEC.

Therefore, this time around, some youths have originated another opportunity to gainfully engage themselves, I ask where are our youths? Here is a story of How Local Youths Build the Foundation for their Sports. It is an interesting and innovative arrangement that could be replicated among youths in other communities.

This arrangement speaks volumes of abilities of the youths, volunteerism and future of competitive sports building in Nigeria. It is a leap towards building the foundation for data correlation, competence and competitiveness among sports and potential sportsmen.

Above: Some Executive Members of Apata Youth Organization.

Data correlation in the sense that the age registered for entry into sports competition at such base level will be difficult to alter as the age progresses into the future. Competency in that the youths would be made to value proficiency in their life activities. Competitiveness in the sense that the youths will realize early in their life, the glory in competitive efforts and sportsmanship not only in sports but as well as for their future life endeavours.

With the foregoing preambles, it is pleasant to inform our readers that 2018 Sports Festival planned by Apata Youths Organization, Ibadan has been formed. The 2018 edition of this competition is the first of its kind at a local level and entails Eight different Sports Activities which include Footballing, Boxing, Athletics, Snooker, Ludo, Draught, Table Tennis and Ayo Olopon competitions.

In an interview with the Chief Coach of “Go-ahead Football Club” of Ibadan who doubles as the Chairman of Apata Youths Organization; Coach Philip Onuoarah explained that the competition will take off by 27th of October 2018 and will end in December.

Coach Onuoarah further said that the registration forms are now available with him and that Registration for each game goes as follows;  Registration for Football is N10,000.00 (US$27.70); Boxing is N5,000.00 (US$13.88) other games will be registered with N2,000.00 (US$5.55).

He revealed that the Sports festival is basically organized to bring together all youths in Apata and its environs in Ibadan, the Capital City of Oyo State, Nigeria.

He further explained that he found Apata area of Ibadan to be a very vast area which makes it uneasy for youth to know each other but with this kind of competition people with come together from different communities of Apata. Besides, talents are numerous in Apata area and this is supposed to be a blessing to Apata Area in terms of entertainment because entertainment happens to be a great economic asset to some developed countries in the world. And the earlier it is developed to earn foreign exchange for their communities and nation, the better.

He chatted further that with this Sport Festival, individuals, teams or clubs can aggregate to show forth their talents and skills to make people happy and that the game is restricted to the teams and individuals within Apata community.

Coach Onuoarah also disclosed that to this end, an Organizing Committee has been set up and certain rules and regulations have been drawn by the Organizing committee for football games.

The details of rules and regulations are;

1.  Each team shall pay N10,000.00 (US$27.70) registration fee to participate in Football competitions.

2.  Matches will be played on group basis. Therefore, each team is to bring two             sets of Jerseys to the match venue.

3. Each team should present one match ball to the pitch on the match day.

4. All participants must present two passport photographs for identification and screening.

5. All participants must come from an identified area in Apata to represent as talent for their area.

6. In the event of a draw at the end of the regulation time, the winner will be decided by penalty kicks during the knock out stages.

7. Any club/ player found guilty of double registration or not property registered shall be fined a sum of N5,000.00 (US$13.88) and may forfeit the match to her opponent.

8. If a Club refuses to continue with a game for a period up to 5 minutes, it shall forfeit the match to her opponent with 3 goals and 3 points with a fine N5,000.00 (US$13.88).

9. The supporters Club that cause disorder or bring the game to disrepute shall be banned from the competition while the offending Club(s) shall be fined a sum of N5,000.00 (US$13.88).

10. Teams aggrieved by the outcome of a match may protest with a fee of N5,000.00 (US$13.88) only and accompanied with a protest letter by 9:00am of the following day of the match.

11. Lateness of Club to the match venue 15 minutes after the kick-off time shall lead to disqualification.

12. Players must dress properly and it is compulsory to wear shin-guard without which the player(s) will not be allowed to play.

13. Yellow cards will attract a sum of N500.00 (US$1.38) while Red cards will attract a sum of N1,000.00 (US$2.77) while payment should be paid before next meeting.

14. The pre- match meeting will be held 20 minutes before the kick-off.

15. Any other issues arising during the competition with be dealt with according to FIFA rules.

Coach Onuoarah advised individuals and teams to comply with all rules and regulations set up to guide the game to make the game a distinct one so that the purpose will come into past and he finally said that the fixtures for all games will soon out immediately after the registrations.


By Ademola Oladele

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