Community Sentencing Taking Root in Oyo as …

Good living is expected for someone who works hard, keeps his or her health, speaks reasonably, dress moderately and lives within the social norm and the law. But in a situation whereby someone chooses to disparage his or her person by involving in a nasty game especially stealing or robbery because one wants to meet up with borrowed but expensive life that is copied from peers and neighbors in order to impress others, then one is bound to land into trouble.

Every day is for the thief but one day is for the owner. A 25-year old Mr. I. Animasahun was docked before the Chief Magistrate Court Holden at Iwo Road for stealing. He was arraigned on one count charge that on the 16th day of July 2018 at about 2pm at Tioya Area of Ibadan in the Ibadan Magisterial District that Mr. Animashaun did steal the sum of N9,350 (US$25.97) property of one Mr. Afolabi Rokeeb and thereby committed an offence contrary to and punishable under section 390 of the criminal code cap 38 Volume 2 Laws of Oyo State Nigeria 2000.

The prosecutor Asp Ogunremi told the court that on the 16th day of July 2018, Mr. Afolabi Rokeeb came to the police station to report that Mr. I. Animashaun who lives at Beyerunka Ibadan stole N9,350 (US$25.97) from his mother’s shop at Tioya Junction Ibadan. Mr. Rokeeb further reported that Mr. I. Animashaun came to the shop under the pretense to buy clothes but to his surprise, Animashaun took the money and wrap it with his face towel and tried to get off the shop. Mr. Animashaun was suspected and was summoned but he attempted to run away and with the aid of people around, Animashun was pursued and eventually arrested.

Prosecutor Asp Ogunremi tendered the evidence in cour andt before the Chief Magistrate in order to prove the authenticity of the charge and Mr. I. Animasahun pleaded guilty to the charge against him, begged for mercy from the Chief Magistrate and promise that he will stay away from stealing and any form of criminality.

The punishment for this kind of criminal act of stealing more-so of an amount above N1,000.00 (US$2.77) is three years imprisonment.

His Honor, Chief Magistrate Taiwo Olaniran ruled that Mr. I. Animasahun was guilty of the charge before him and was lenient with the defendant by ordering him to 3 hours community service for 5 days because this happened to be Mr. I. Animashaun‘s first time standing before the Chief Magistrate according to the court’s records. The Community Service was ordered to start immediately from the 19th day of July 2018 to the 23rd day of July 2018 if Ibrahim can produce at least a person from his family to stand for him as surety but if he cannot produce anyone he will spend the 5 days at Agodi prison of Ibadan.

The Chief Magistrate later warned Mr. I. Animasahun to keep away from any form of criminality because there may be a time when people can be so desperate and decided to take the laws into their hands (through jungle justice) and he might be unfortunate to make it alive to the police station where he might have the chance to beg for forgiveness before a Magistrate.

By Ademola Oladele

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