A Cosmic Peep into Buhari’s 2018 Honour of MKO, Others

There are many Churches and Mosques on the streets of Nigeria than the number altogether of large, medium and small scale industries in the land. With this estimate statistics, one would expect that the goers of these Churches and Mosques would learn from the wisdom inside their guide – the Bible and the Quran in their sail through the tempest of daily living. But that is not the case; our people appear not see the wisdom as their guide. This is because the individual behaviour that aggregate into collective political behavior do not show that we learn from such wisdom.

No sooner an election that put most forecasts asunder was won by un-expected political party – the All Progressive Congress (APC) which defeated a sitting government of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) than a spate of intolerance, hate speeches, violence, killings and all forms of negativities reared their heads to pervade the nation. Perhaps orchestrated out of selfishness, envy or political scheming and the nation again returned to stagger.

But, suddenly from the blues came an unconventional proclamation to honour the heroes and heroines of June 12, 1993 election; a situation that quickly bolstered national cohesion at praising the government of the day. The move to honour the heroes and heroines at this period is beyond regular human calculation, having recently celebrated May 29 on the same subject of “Democracy day” a few days back.

For every altruistic human move in a competitive or political environment there is bound to be opposition and insinuations. The opposition party rose against government proclamation.

Have we forgotten the stories of the Wisdom of Solomon (or Sulaimon) expressed in both the Bible and the Quran where two women from same town were on a journey, each with a child, slept overnight together in a room in another town only to wake up the following morning to find out one of the children was dead. The story continued that as soon as the woman whose child died found this out, she quickly swapped her child for the living child.

In the following morning, the mother of the living child raised alarm over the swap, a fight ensued and both were arraigned before the ruler – King Solomon.

King Solomon patiently listened to the two mothers and by divine wisdom ruled that the solution was to cut the living child into two equally halves and to give each of the halves to each of the two quarrelling mothers.

No sooner than the judgment was pronounced that the mother of the dead child sprang up to hail and accept the judgment but the mother of the child that was to be cut into two objected to the judgment and volunteered to release the child to the other woman. She cannot witness her child to be killed.

Certain lessons emerged from the afore-stated story. Both mothers know whose child died overnight but one of them decided to obliterate the truth out of envy and desire to pull down her colleague as she would not want to return home alone with a loss but would rather want both of them to return home with losses.

This was the situation that we found ourselves when June 12, 1993 free and fair election was killed overnight through annulment by military President Babangida. The winner and the defeated party know the truth of who won. It was an election that reflected the popular or true democratic wish of the people. But the defeated party and its collaborators hailed the killing or annulment of the election.

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Even when the annulment supposedly buried the results of the election and the winner Chief Moshhod Kashimawo Abiola (MKO) killed and substituted with a replacement (OBJ) who was sourced from the same shed, the winning voice transformed in the grave from the physical into the spirit and began to haunt its killers.

So, despite 16 years of intrigues by all beneficiaries of the murder of democracy to bury true emblem of democracy, their efforts are to no avail. These beneficiaries forgot that the voice of the people is the voice of God. It was a voice that transcended partisan ethnic, religious, tribal and geographical divides.

And so, by 2015 in year of the Lord or say 1437 after Hijra; that marked the 22nd year of annulment of the election i.e. (1993 to date) – a near demographic generation has passed. Having given this blessed nation this long to reconcile itself, the Lord can no longer wait particularly for unmindful leaders to destroy His work and Glory that are apportioned for Nigeria. The “unseen hand..,” apology to Adam Smith in ‘the Wealth of Nations’, waved His hands and a miracle of true democracy re-emerged through the first ever defeat and replacement of a sitting Nigerian government.

By 2018, or at its 25th year, the Federal Civilian Government headed by President Muhammadu Buhari by an uncanny courage, revisited the injustice done to the voters of Nigeria, proclaimed highest National Honours for the winner of the 1993 Nigerian Presidential election – late Chief MKO Abiola and his deputy – Alhaji Babagana Kingibe as well as the human right fighter and defender of democracy – late Chief Gani Fahehinmi. Besides, President Buhari instituted June 12 of every year as new Democracy day to replace May 29 of each year.

For the avoidance of doubt, false democracy disrespect the voters, it is a situation when a Presidential person is handpicked and anointed by a person or group of persons as the President while elections for the position are mere formality. False democrats are people that oppose the recognition of winners of free and fair elections.

Let it be known by all and sundry that an unseen powerful hand is passing through Nigeria and would stay there for sometimes to come in order to move her, including her President, in such unprecedented positive ways unrevealed to our clerics, rulers and politicians so that His mission for  a bounteous nation would be accomplished.

Finally, let Nigerians endure the challenges of our times and not hold back the “unseen hand…” that is passing through Nigeria. Nigerians should support positive steps of Government and stay away from criminality, unhealthy rivalry, I repeat, unhealthy rivalry of Government actions or else the unheeding could reap distaste, dis-favour and disgrace.

* Above opinion is forwarded by Ess Kay. It is not the opinion of the PublicTimes.

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