New Jumat Mosque Opens at Elebu Road Junction, Ibadan

A new Jumat Mosque opened for Muslim worshippers at Elebu Road Junction of New Garage/Bembo Apata Express way, Ibadan on Friday 4th May 2018. The new Masjid was filled to its capacity as worshippers spilled over to its surroundings to hold their prayers session.
In an interview with one of the Imams of the new Masjid, Architect (Alhaj) Abdul Samad Akinlabi said the mosque is called Al-Imam Da’ud Central Mosque / Dawah Centre.
The mosque was built by Alhaji Abdul Ganniyu Akinlabi, a retired professional Town Planner whose father; Sheikh Al-Imam Da’ud Akinlabi, was an Islamic cleric, Imam and Purist at Igbo-ora before he passed on some two decades ago.

Above: Sheikh Muili Abidemi Akinlabi with microphone addressing the congregation shortly after the inaugural Jumat service.
Above: side view of the Masjid showing some spill-over worshippers outside the Mosque Building during the inaugural Jumat Service.
Above: The New Mosque shortly after the Jumat Service

The new mosque held its inaugural Ramadan lecture at its Sawakab Blocks Premises, Elebu Junction along the uncompleted Lagos end New-Garage – Bembo Road, Ibadan on Sunday 6th June 2018 under the guest Lecturer Sheikh Ismail Mohammad ul awwal Ashokani.

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