400 Baptist Churches Compete at 2018 Children’s Day …

Life involves different stages of development; these are the childhood, teenage, youths and adult period. All these stages of life have purpose and significance. The young ones – the children, are sources of happiness to their old ones – the parents and these young ones are often referred to as the future of the society. Children need proper care, protection and should be valued beyond other possession because of the succession role they are expected to play.

At Ibadan the President of Baptist Conference, Reverend (Dr.) Stephen Adeyemi Adekunle said the Nigerian Baptist Convention  set a week to celebrate the children and this coincides with May 27 Children’s day set aside by Nigerian Government.

Above: The Parade event during the 2018 Children’s Day Baptist Conference, Ibadan.

The Baptist President said his Baptist Conference comprises of over 400 Baptist Churches in Ibadan and Ibarapa area of Oyo State. He further revealed that 400 attendee churches are regrouped into 26 Associations for the purpose of the celebration. They all gathered at Hebron Centre Idi-Ishin to celebrate and thank God for the annual event.

As earlier as 26th of May, 2018, a day prior to the 27th May children celebration, everywhere at the Hebron Centre has worn a colourful look as children from 400 Baptist churches from Ibadan and Ibarapa area of Oyo State who gathered for the 2018 children day celebration were re-grouped into 26 Baptist Associations with this year’s theme: “With Jesus, I can make Nigeria Great.”

In an exclusive interview with Mrs. Kunbi Daramola – the Family Life Coordinator, Ibadan Baptist Conference and the organizer of this year’s event, she reminded parents that the relevance of children to the church, the society,

the nation and the whole world has prompted the United Nations to pick a day to celebrate children and Nigeria Government to pick May 27 to celebrate them.

Above: A cultural display by Youruba group during the Baptist Conference Children’s Day 2018 Celebration.

She thanked God for the opportunity of celebrating with the children this year and chided many parents who run after wealth and do not have time to teach their children the way of the Lord thereby exposing such children to all sorts of dangers such as kidnapping, loneliness, sexual defilement and hard drug abuse.

In addition, she contended that technology is posing danger to the children because children have access to all sorts of information while the parents are always not around to supervise what their wards watch.

Mrs. Kunbi Daramola resented parents that encouraged their children to get answers to questions from the internet instead of directing these children to read and study their books. She expressed concern that many of the affected parents were confused because they themselves had faulty upbringing.

She lamented that when somebody harasses children not to tell anybody of certain misdeeds and these children have no friends in their parents, it is sure they will succumb to the harasser. She therefore urged parents not just to be fathers and mothers but to be also friends to their children so that children can confide in them when they have problem.


Above: Ijaw Children Cultural Group during the 2018 Baptist Conference Children’s Day Event.

Talking about this year theme, “with Jesus, I can make Nigeria Great,” Mrs. Daramola urged children to believe that Nigerian is their Home, that there is no place like home though tribes in Nigeria have different challenges but no matter what happens she advised them to be always proud of their Nation, always pray for Nigeria and never make negative declaration over this nation.

Mrs. Daramola strongly proclaimed that Nigeria will become great and that Nations will come to bow for Nigeria. She asked the children to understand that it is their duty to promote and do whatever will present Nigeria in positive way and that they should love Nigeria over other advanced countries. Mrs. Kunb Daramola rested on the strength that at Baptist Denomination, they believe in bringing up their children in the way of the Lord right from pregnancy. She warned that discouraging children from worshiping God in schools will destroy the nation but assured that they are not going to fold their hands and allow the nation to be destroyed.

As for President Adekunle, he urged parents to know God and not to

depend on the church or school to do their work because home training is very important and he advised children to obey their parents. He also urged children to have good dreams, be focused and protect the Nation because the future of the nation is for them.



Many activities made the day interesting. These activities include; Bible quiz, march past parade, dancing by different tribes of Nigeria, singing, sharing of gifts, eating and drinking.

Some of the Baptist Associations that participated in Parade were Solid Rock Baptist Association, Overcomer Baptist Association, Origin Ayo Baptist Association, Ona Iye Baptist Association, Ibadan North Baptist Association, Ibadan Central Baptist Association and Amazing Grace Baptist Association, Fountain of Mercy Baptist Association. Others are Christ Love Baptist Association, Chosen Generation Baptist Association, Hephzibah Baptist Association, Living Stone Baptist Association, Goshen Baptist Association and Corner Stone Baptist Association.

Above: Fulani Cultural Group during the Ceremony.

Highlight of the events was the winning of prizes for the march past. The third position during the parade went to Living Stone Baptist Association with a score of 68, Goshen Baptist Association came second with 72 and first position winner was Corner Stone Baptist Association with a score of 80.

The joy exhibited at the salute point during parade showed the nature of man whether in heavenly or worldly role; a lover of honour, glory and power.

By Ademola Oladele

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