See what happens when a News Correspondent finds a Corresponding Partner…

Fela Anikulapo sometimes held as one of the greatest African Musician of the 20th Century had sang that “…when trouble sleep yanga de wake am watin he de find, palava he de find, palava he dey find …” and so on.
But in this story, it is not about “trouble’ and it is not about “palava,” rather it is the story of joy, of a befitting situation and of corresponding desires. So, when a “catcher” is musing quietly and a ‘Tracker de search’, it raises question of “wating he de find” and this generates the answer “na fine fine e de find o”.

Above: Ademola and Olamide shortly after the Marriage Introduction event

Prayers answered. And so was the situation that led to the celebration by Ademola, a Correspondent with the PublicTimes online newspaper, when a marriage introduction event with a befitting and a correspondingly caring and sharing partner – Olamide Aduragbemi Yussuf was held and sealed between the couple in the presence of their extended families, friends and well-wishers. The event was held at the Bride’s residence, Oladele Phase 2, Gbekuba area of Ibadan recently on Saturday 28th April, 2018.
If the association between the couple was described as befitting, correspondingly caring and sharing, how else would our readers have described or interpreted the picture above?
Soon, the wedding bells will ring. We wish the couple happy, fruitful and prosperous married life.

By Ess Kay

PublicTimes Nigeria (ISSN: 2250 –9295)

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