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2017 Oyo State Speaker Football Cup Competition Semifinal Protest:

How Itesiwaju Rangers FC of Otu nailed Debby FC of Ogbomoso to storm into final.

At the end of the semifinal match held between Debby FC of Ogbomoso and Itesiwaju FC of Otu held at Lekan Salami Stadium, Ibadan, Nigeria, a protest was lodged to Oyo State Football Association by Itesiwaju Rangers FC of Otu against Debby FC of Ogbomoso. The State Football Association is the regulating body for the competition.          Earlier Debby Football Club had defeated Itesiwaju Rangers of Otu by 6 goals to 3 of penalty shootout after a 1- 1 score recorded at regulation time.                                                                                                                                                            In the protest, Debby Football Club was alleged to have fielded two ineligible Players. One of whom is Oyetunji Mayowa who was alleged to have played for Atiba Utd Football Club of Oyo in 2013 Nigeria Nationwide League Season and the other player was Adekunle Habeeb who was alleged to have played for Vela Football Club of Oyo in 2012 Nigeria Nationwide League season.

Itesiwaju Rangers Football Club of Out also contended that the alleged action of Debby FC of Ogbomoso was contrary to the 1st Rule for the 2017 Oyo State Speaker’s Cup which says that the competition is open to all players who had not played in any of the Nigerian Football Federation Leagues (Federation Cup Excluded).                                              Oyo State Football Association has announced the result of the protest lodged by Itesiwaju Rangers Football Club of Otu against Debby Football Club Ogbomoso.   The Football Association which is the regulating body for the completion has upheld the complaint of Itesiwaju FC. And by the announcement of the outcome of the protest, the semi-final match is now awarded to Itesiwaju Rangers Football Club of Otu.

Above: Debby FC Goalkeeper trying to save a free kick played by Itesiwaju FC of Otu during the semifinal match.

It will be recalled that on its path to reach the semi-final stage, Debby F.C. of Ogbomosho had humbled Ibarapa East F.C. of Lanlate with 4 goals to 1.  By the decision of Oyo State Football Association, Debby Football Club of Ogbomoso is technically dropped out of the 2017 competition and the final match will now be played between Itesiwaju Rangers Football Club of Otu and Ibarapa East Football Club of Eruwa at a date yet to be fixed.

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By Ademola Oladele

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