Ademola Oladele.

The 2017 edition of Oyo State speakers Football cup competition which began in October has reached the round of 16 winners. The 16 best teams from across the state will today start to slug it out.

The ever bubbling Young Stars Football Club of Ibadan today at home seek to ‘chop’ the high capacity Ibarapa North East Team of Lanlate at Adamasingba Stadium, Ibadan. In addition, the easy going Golden Lion of Kisi will venture into a home Territory to challenge FRIN F.C. at Adamasingba Stadium.

Also, Saki United does not want sit idle, they have qualified and are venturing to challenge any of the teams as they want to first surprise the fearless LSA Slemco F.C. of Ibadan into the duel of the ‘foots’ before they move to ‘devour’ other perceived cocky teams.

By Tuesday 7th November, 2017, Debby F.C. of Ogbomoso will trash it out with Esbee United F.C. of Ibadan at Adamasingba Stadium by 10a.m. while at 12noon at the same venue, Itesiwaju Rangers F.C. of Out will squre it out with the respected Restoration Chapel F.C. of Ibadan.

Similarly, crown-loving Ilora United F.C. of Ilora will confront top-rated Oke-Ogun Elite Soccer Academy of Ago-Are by 2p.m. at the Adamasingba Stadium venue, Ibadan, while Ibarapa  East F.C. of Oyo by 4p.m. at Adamasingba on same Tuesday 7th November, 2017.

The question which fans have been asking is that; who surrenders between the ever bubbling Young Stars F.C. and the unpredictable Lanlate boys of Ibarapa North East? What is certain is that whoever pockets the other will meet the winner between Debby F.C. of Ogbomoso and Esbee United F.C. of Ibadan at a date to be fixed later by the organizers.

Als, whoever wins between highly rated Saki United F.C. of Saki and the imperial LSA Slemco F.C. of Ibadan will face the winner of the tireless team from Itesiwaju and the powerful  Restoration Chapel F.C. of Ibadan at a later date yet to be fixed.

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