By Ademola Oladele.

Oyo State Speaker’s Cup Football competition has commenced. The competitions are to be held among Football Clubs on  Zone by Zone basis. There are Six Zones in Oyo State and these are Ibadan City, Ibadan less City, Ibarapa, Oyo, Oke-ogun and Ogbomoso. Finalists will emerge zone by zone.

  1. The competition is open to all players who had not played in any of the Nigerian Football Federation Leagues (Federation Cup Excluded)
  2. All matches will be played on knockout basis.
  3. Each Football club should register two jersey colours.


  1. The away team is to bring two (2) sets of jersey to the match venue.
  2. Each team should present one (1) match ball on the match day.
  3. In the event of a draw at the end of regulation time, the winner shall be decided through penalty kicks.
  4. Any club/ player found guilty of double registration or not properly registered shall be fined N5, 000.00 and forfeit the match to its opponent.
  5. If a club refuses to continue with a game for a period of up to 5 minutes, it shall forfeit the match to its opponent with 3 goals 3 points and pay N20, 000.00.
  6. Any supporters’ club that causes disorder or bring the game to disrepute shall be banned from the competition while the offending club shall be fined a sum on N20,000.00
  7. Teams aggrieved by the outcome of match may protest with a fee of N5, 000.00 (Five thousand naira only) accompanied with a protest letter by 9:00am the day following the match.
  8. Lateness of club to the match venue 15 minutes after the kick – off time shall lead to disqualification and the match awarded to the other team.
  9. Players must dress properly with shin – guard without these; such player (s) will not be allowed to play.
  10. Venue of the matches shall be determined on neutrality basis to give room for fair play.
  11. Yellow card will attract N300.00 while Red card will attract N1, 000.00. While payment will be paid at the same day or before defaulters is allowed to play the next match.
  12. The pre – match meeting shall be held 2 hours before the kick- off or as may be determined by the State FA.
  13. Any club that withdraws from the competition at any level/ stage shall pay a fine of N20.000.00 and shall also banned from any organized competitions in the state at least 2 years.
  14. Each club is expected to register not more than 25 players and produce 2 photo cards comprising player’s passports on each card with their names written under it.
  15. 18 players and 7 officials of the playing teams will be allowed on the bench.
  16. Any other issues arising during the competition will be dealt with according to OYSFA (Oyo State Football Association), Nigerian Football Federation and FIFA rules and statues.

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